One Day

So I’m excited!
Last year, I read ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls. Picking it up, I thought it would be a typical romance story, an easy read for bedtime. It was a little more complicated than that, but essentially fell into the romance genre, so I enjoyed it.
A while ago, it was announced that Random House Films (amongst other production companies) announced that they were putting One Day on the big screen. Anne Hathaway has been announced as the main woman lead Emma and Jim Sturgess as the main man lead (Dex).
But, I only found this out today (good journalism there). Hence why I am excited!
I love Anne Hathaway, despite her dismal Oscars hosting (I blame James Franco). She has done some awesome movies and seems to be able to morph herself into a myriad of characters.
Meanwhile, Jim Sturgess is a hottie! What can I say, English accents do it for me.
His turn in Across the Universe made girls sigh (or scream, depending on the age) everywhere.
To see them on the screen together, with a fantastic, dramatic screenplay will be amazing.
Here’s the poster to tingle your movie tastebuds even more:

One Day


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