Jinja Safari

I was lucky enough to go to two concerts this week.

The first was a free Jinja Safari gig at the UNSW Roundhouse. I had already seen the band at Falls Fest in Tasmania but enjoyed them so much that I wasn’t going to say no to a second time. Especially when it’s free!

We made the rookie mistake of not checking the Facebook event prior to arriving at 7:30. If we did, we would have realised that Jinja weren’t due to perform until 9:45. Luckily for us, there were two fairly good support acts to keep us entertained until then.

The first was a Central Coast band called Sea Legs. They had a great stage presence but their music was a little too scream-y and not enough sing-y for my liking.


Next was Cub Scouts, a Brisbane-based band who scream indie. Their tucked-in tees and awkwardly-cool dancing didn’t help their cause. They were the opposite of the Sea Legs for me – I loved their music, but there wasn’t much stage presence. There was little to no conversation during songs, something I consider extremely important to build a rapport with the audience.


Finally, at 9:45, Jinja Safari came on. They were awesome, as expected. Just like Falls, the energy was contagious. Between the sitar/keyboard/flute player jumping all over the place, to the drummer and percussionist dueling it out, it was extremely hard not to get into it.  A few songs in, the lead singer decided it only appropriate to take his shirt off (the girls in the crowd didn’t disagree).

Then, glowsticks were thrown into the crowd, making for an epic image from where we were standing on the upper level. This was before the crowd decided it was a good idea to throw the glowsticks back at the band. Needless to say, theywere a little surprised!




The band played a combination of new songs (all of which point to an awesome new album) as well as some well-known tracks. We couldn’t stay until the very end, but judging by the beginning of the set – the end would have been epic.





Stay tuned for Part 2…


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