London baby.

London is my home away from home, and this trip marks my third visit in four years.

My reaction to going is similar to this.

Unfortunately, my first two and a half days were seriously affected by the virus I picked up in Istanbul. So I took it extremely slow, with a quick visit to Oxford St (retail therapy should help my sickness right?!) and a wander around Covent Garden and Leicester Square on the second day.

By Tuesday night I was feeling almost 100% so I joined Matt, Charlotte and Danny (friends from uni here in London) for a few beers in Soho.
I had forgotten how cheap alcohol was here and had to ask the bartender twice if £4.05 was right for a pint of cider.

You heard me right. Approx $6.50 AUD for a pint of cider.

By Wednesday I thought I could conquer a bit more of the city, so I ventured to East London.

But not before getting a haircut at my “local”, Hair by Fairy. It used to do wash and cuts for a mere £13, but they’ve since increased their prices to £14 for men and £17 for ladies. As always, they did a good job and got rid of all my yucky split ends.

I then made my way to Old Spitalfields Market, which was first introduced to me by my friend Sarah in 2010. It’s been one of my favourite markets ever since. Since it was a Wednesday it wasn’t a full market but there were still some goodies on offer.


Whilst walking around I could hear music coming from somewhere. So I followed my ears, turned the corner and found ballroom dancing!




I made a little Instagram video (my first!) to capture it all:

Next was Brick Lane for bagels. Brick Lane could be billed as very alternative, it features many vintage shops and quirky boutiques. Sydneysiders, think of it as the original King St in Newtown.

I’m not one for vintage fashion (I can’t pull it off) so I was there for one thing and one thing only: BAGELS.

The two bagel shops on Brick Lane are famous throughout their land for their cheap, delicious goodies. There are no frills at either of these places, which makes them all the more authentic. I got my favourite – salmon and cream cheese. It was a whole £1.60.




I also wanted to get a half dozen to take away but there were no plain bagels left 😦

From there, I walked down Shoreditch High Street to Liverpool St tube. On my way I came across this little addition:


Something to consider no?

Next stop was Marble Arch for a visit to the other end of Oxford Street. In particular, I wanted to visit Forever 21, an American chain that has a flagship store down this end. But first, an obligatory trip to the manic Primark was in order. On previous visits, the crowds weren’t too much of a problem for me, but this time, the crowds were just a bit too much. Blame the virus.

There also didn’t seem to be as much on offer. I did manage to find a stripe dress for a bargain though – and took a risk by not trying it on. The lines were way too long, as always.

I window shopped and found this awesome display at Urban Outfitters:

Finally, I hit Forever 21 and came out an hour later with a few goodies in my bag. Stay tuned for a goodies post soon!

By this time I was exhausted so it was home to watch Wimbledon. On the way, I walked through Soho and past Hummingbird bakery. It was too tempting not to go in, so I bought some goodies for home.




Tomorrow I’m going to my idea of heaven: Borough. Expect many many photos of yummy yummy food.


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