The b.est

A few weeks ago, during our trip to the Blue Mountains, Bec suggested a girls’ trip to one of the best restaurants in Sydney, .est. Who was I to say no?

I’m not going to lie, I was counting down the minutes until that night. .est’s reputation is a little legendary so a night of beautiful food and drink was definitely on the cards.

Being a girls’ night, we decided to dress up a little – and with a location like this, why not?


When we walked in, the maitre d’ took our coats and showed us to our table. My chair was even pulled out. I was already fangirling.

A myriad of waiters appeared out of nowhere: one to put our napkins on our laps, another to offer the menu and finally, a third with a MASSIVE champagne trolley and a cocktail menu.

We chose to start the night with a cocktail. Bec and Ell went for the classic Espresso Royal (patron xo cafe is mixed with fresh espresso coffee, dark curacao and kahlua, shaken, finished with shaved dark madagascan chocolate, served in a martini glass) whilst I went for a Celestial (plymouth gin, shaken with kaffir lime leaf, elderflower, fresh lime and apple juice). Bec, having come off a nasty virus made the smart choice of holding off for the moment.


The table was beautifully set too.


Next was the hardest part: choosing what to eat! We all had mixed emotions about choosing….




We decided to go for the four-course chefs menu: two entrees, a main and a dessert.

After much deliberation, I chose ‘sashimi of ocean trout, dashi, tapioca, ocean trout roe, puffed quinoa, white soy, lime’ for first course.



It was delicious. The individual components were fantastic but together they produced something out of this world. You know it’s good food when that happens!

Bec also got the sashimi (I caught her mid-Insty!)


Ell got the ‘game consommé, foie gras tortellini, beef tendon, charred onion, baby carrots, thyme’


Bec (who was sitting opposite, so I didn’t get a photo) got the ‘salad of spanner crab, cauliflower, apple jelly, white radicchio, nasturtiums’

My second course was ‘moreton bay bug, wombok, coconut, ginger, chilli, kaffir lime, coriander’. Tonight, the moreton bay bug was replaced by lobster tail.


The tail was infused with rich flavours and the foam was perfect. Amazing.

With our third course, we ordered some wine.  I am a red wine novice (mainly because I drink a lot of white) so I thought I’d use the services and get the sommelier to match me a wine. It ended up being one of the best decisions of the night.

The shiraz he matched with my saddle of venison was light, spicy and oh so good. I am not a big fan of red wine so it was a very pleasant surprise to actually enjoy it.


What’s more, it went perfectly with this.


‘Saddle of venison, black pudding, chestnuts, celeriac, apple, semolina gnocchi’. One word: magnificent.

Finally, we hit my favourite part of all meals; dessert! As soon as I read this, I was sold: earl grey ice cream, tangelo, citrus curd donuts, ruby grapefruit sorbet.


Ell went for ‘valrhona chocolate delice, wild rice praline, caramelized pear, toasted rice ice cream’, whilst both Becs went for the ‘passionfruit souffle,  passionfruit sorbet’. We also had tea and petit fours.




We were definitely happy chappies!




Over two and a half hours later, we rolled ourselves to the lift and down to the cold outside. I can safely say this was the some of the best food I’ve ever eaten with some of the best company. It’s night I won’t be forgetting too quickly.

If you feel like a little luxury, check out .est’s website for the menu and other yummy things.


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