Mr Wong’s

Every now and then an offer comes round that’s too hard to refuse. So when my friend Bec suggested a dinner at Mr Wong’s, I cleared my schedule.

I was a little late (my bad!) so Bec had ordered a cocktail to keep herself hydrated.


When Ell and Bec arrived, we got to work on ordering. First up, a dim sum platter. There was mushroom, pork and scallop and one other that’s escaped my memory. Regardless, they were all delicious! We even ordered a second platter so everyone could try one of each.



We had to wash them down with something – we thought cocktails worked best!



Next up was the salt and pepper calamari. It was light, perfectly cooked and not at all greasy.


The next few dishes arrived in a flurry. First was the stir fried egg noodles with dark soy, garlic chives and beansprouts, which was clean, refreshing and oh-so-good.


Then the twice cooked green beans with pork mince and XO sauce (of which I couldn’t get a good photo!)


But by far, this was the standout. The sweet and sour crispy pork hock was full of flavour, tender inside and oh so sticky. It went within seconds.


For something a bit lighter, we also had the steamed fish fillet with ginger and shallots. The fish fell apart and the simple flavours were a perfect accompaniment.


Bec held onto the menu for dear life – there were too many options.



The cardinal rule of eating is ‘there is always room for dessert’. Who were we to break the rules?
Deep fried ice-cream….


…Mango pudding, passionfruit granita, fresh mango, pomelo and pearls….


and Chocolate Cream, Coconut Sorbet, Macadamia praline and strawberries….


Both the chocolate and mango desserts were deliciously decadent, but the deep-fried ice cream had a little too batter. There was no definition between the crunchy batter and the soft ice vanilla centre!

Mr Wong’s is an underground haven of fresh, beautifully tasting food. It has an amazing fit out, all bare walls and lighting.


It doesn’t take bookings for under 6 people, so if your party is small, get in early! If not, you could go for drinks in this lovely establishment, which is technically, right above Mr Wong’s.


Look how pretty it is!

It’s the Gin Garden at Establishment, and it’s one of my faves. Lovely place, lovely bartenders and the perfect spot to digest all that yummy food.

We will no doubt be back.


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