The Pig and the Pastry

I must admit, I’m not too great with the ‘discovering my local area’ thing. I couldn’t name my favourite restaurant in my suburb, mainly because I haven’t tried most of them. So luckily, I have a local friend that does it all for me!

Amy is always on the look out for interesting cafes to try and this is no exception. The Pig and Pastry in Petersham occupies the spot that Blancmange used to, and happens to be on my bus route! How convenient….


The menu is based around daily specials, so it made sense to choose something off there.


Unfortunately, breakfast was over (all-day breakfasts should be compulsory!) but the lunch menu was appealing.

The set up is clean but inviting – very much like a host of new cafes in the area.



Unfortunately, it didn’t start too well. We ordered, and about 15 minutes later, our coffees arrived. I understand there can sometimes be a backlog but 15 minutes is a bit too long!



Luckily, they made up for it with the food. While it did take a while to come out, it’s a little more understandable. My salad was very yummy and weighing in at only $6, worth every penny!


Amy’s duck pancakes got her thumbs up (which is no easy feat!)


Sophia’s salmon was also a plate of healthy goodness.



Because we had been very good at lunch, dessert was a given! Since the cafe bakes all its goods on-site, it would have been a sin not to try nearly one of everything.


I had my eye on the lemon pie…


But the cookie was also enticing me with its goodness.


So good, that we got two.


While the berry tart looked delicious, it was actually the most disappointing of the lot. The white cream-y like substance under the super fresh blueberries was bland and a little bit meh.


We also got the caramelised apple panna cotta because…

Well, it sounded too good to pass up.



The Pig and the Pastry is on the corner of West St and Station St and right near Petersham Pool. The sign is small…


But their gorgeous blue awnings are hard to miss. I’m adding it to my ‘local loves’ list.

The Pig & Pastry on Urbanspoon


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