Mexican Mondays

This year, my cousin Lauren and I both turned/ are turning 21. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it to each other’s parties, so we celebrated  it with a Mexican feast.


Baja Cantina is a small restaurant on Glebe Point Road that serves MAASSIVVEE Mexican dishes.

The menu ranges from nachos to quesadillas, to burritos, tacos and fajitas. It’s not really great for anyone looking to eat super-healthy, as nearly everything on the menu has bread, cheese and other full-fat delicacies in it.

For example, these were no normal nachos…


They came with all the trimmings – sour cream, guac, salsa, black beans, hand-made chips and delicious marinated pork. And all for $15!


Lauren went for Fajitas ($23.90). It was definitely big enough to share…



Both meals were fantastic, but we couldn’t finish either. Luckily, they let you take-away!

Being in the celebratory mood, we washed everything down with a jug of red wine sangria.


The food was fabulous and the company even more so, but there was a live performer in the corner that made hearing each other kind of difficult. For a Monday night, it was pretty busy. That’s probably because finding a restaurant that’s open on a Monday is a task in itself. More Mondays I say!


We rolled out of there, bellies full to the brim and very satisfied. Cheap, fast and delicious Mexican all on a Monday? What else could you ask for?

Baja Cantina on Urbanspoon


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