The next step…

Real life has been knocking at my door.

Finishing my degree means that I should be getting a “real job”.

To that I say,

Everyone knows that

So I decided to delay real life a little longer and embark on a different kind of adventure. 

I’m moving to Melbourne!

*nervous squeal*

A few months ago, I decided to apply for a Masters degree at one of the universities down there. Turns out, they liked the look of me (and my application) and said yes!

Ironically, my quest to ignore reality has resulted in some very grown up tasks – like paying rent!

Who knew there were such things as rental agreements and sub-lets and words I don’t even understand?

Despite this, my excitement levels are on par with these guys…

It also signals a busy few months, starting with a trip to Tasmania over New Years, a trip to Vietnam and then the big move.

Let the adventure begin.


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