Double Roasters

With so many places to try, and so little time (I’m moving to Melbourne, have you heard?) exploring the cafes of Sydney has now become a weekly occurrence.

Next was the surprise cafe mecca of Marrickville. We chose Double Roasters, known for its excellent coffee and equally as good food.

The menu was perfectly sized, with enough options to make a decision very difficult, but not too many to run out of the place screaming, completely overwhelmed.



The fit out is very industrial…




But the tables make you feel at home.


It would be silly to come to a specialist coffee-house and not sample one.




While it was definitely good coffee, it wasn’t mind-blowing.

After much deliberation, I disregarded my healthy eating plan for the day and got the French toast ($13). So glad I did.



Look at that goodness!

The bread wasn’t too soggy, and the berries and yoghurt were the perfect accompaniment.

Amy went for the zucchini and corn fritters ($13), which got a thumbs up from her.


Sophia opted for a lunch-ier option, with a roast pork belly sandwich ($9.50). She was very impressed!


The service was also excellent, but our table was on a slight slant, which made drinking coffee a little difficult.

There are lots of take-home goodies as well.




The locals were definitely aware that they had discovered a gem, with the cafe staying more or less full for the whole time we were there. I’d definitely come back to try some of the other menu options – they looked very tempting. Best of all, it was very moderately priced for what you got, with nothing over $13!

If I were you, I’d get there before anyone else finds out!

Double Roasters on Urbanspoon


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