All the Williams

I am constantly on the lookout for new cafes.

So when Broadsheet published an article about the newest Redfern cafe, we made a beeline for it.

On the Redfern side of Elizabeth St, Three Williams is situated in between non-descript buildings, in a massive ex-warehouse.

If there wasn’t a group of people out the front, we would have driven right past it.


The building was a lot bigger than it appeared from the front!





The menu is an all-day one, so there are a variety of options. We were there at lunch time so we all chose lunch-ier offerings.


Both Sophia and I chose the ‘narnie’ that Three Williams is known for – a delicious take on a wrap or kebab.



They have a few fillings, but we both couldn’t go past the grilled prawns and smashed avocado. The bread was soft without collapsing, and not heavy at all. The prawns were full of flavour – the marinade was so tasty! We gobbled up every bit.

Amy went for the caramelised cauliflower tabouli. It was fresh and delicious by all reports!


It may have been lunchtime but coffee was still on the cards. I needed it so much that I had a sip before taking the photo!


For dessert, there are pastries and cakes on offer.


The space is massive and has a kids corner for those who may not appreciate food as much as their parents do!

Three Williams is an excellent addition to the growing cafe scene in the area. The menu is diverse and fresh and oh so tempting!

It has a 100% rating on Urbanspoon – and I can see why.

I’ll be back, before everyone else finds out!

Three Williams on Urbanspoon


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