Arkwright and Co

With all three housemates working full-time, it’s rare to find an opportunity for a cheeky coffee date. Luckily for me, Jane occasionally gets a day off, a reward for working weekends. With my morning looking free, we decided to try out a new offering just up the road. IMG_0055

It’s now a few months old, but when we visited Arkwright and Co was a very new addition to the coffee scene. Occupying an old factory on Nicholson St north, it’s found an area where there isn’t a cafe on every corner, making the surrounding residents very happy indeed!


They are setting themselves apart from the crowd in subtle ways – flavoured water being one of them.


The interior was small when we visited, but there were big plans to turn the back of the building into a workshop space, where people could learn new skills. No word on when that’s arriving, but it’s an awesome idea.



We started with a coffee, presented in the colour of the moment – green. This pastel shade is popping up everywhere at the moment and I couldn’t be more pleased – I love it.


The menu is very simple – without a big kitchen, there’s only so much they can offer. However, what is on offer is high quality and oh so good.

The croissant with berry conserve and Pepe Saya butter caught Jane’s eye and rightly so – she was very impressed!


When figs are on the menu, I’m there. My favourite luxury fruit is always a sure winner, so I ordered the toasted fig fruit bread with berry conserver and butter. It was delish!

The bread was dense but not overwhelming and was just the right amount of filling.


With a simple, understated design, Arkwright could be hard to miss. However, it’s definitely one to add to the list for a casual weekday coffee or light brekkie on the weekend.


They might not do a full cooked menu like other Melbourne offerings, but what they do, they do brilliantly.

Find it at 611 Nicholson St Carlton North.

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